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Jamestown Container: 2017 Business Longevity Award Honoree


Jamestown Container Companies is honored to be a recepient of the
2017 Business Longevity Award and is looking forward to another successful year as your Cleveland packaging supplier!


Jamestown Container Company was founded in 1956 upon the principles of innovation and superior customer service.  We have evolved from the simple brown box plant to a multi-plant custom corrugated provider.  Today, our facilities located in Macedonia, Ohio; Jamestown, Buffalo, Rochester, and Lyons, New...

Product Packaging: The Search Engine Optimization of Retail

Packaging is often an underappreciated piece of the product marketing puzzle, especially in retail. Whether you are on Amazon or at the local grocery store, your packaging is the last line of defense to grab a consumer’s attention. Brands must place more emphasis on optimizing the product packaging for the search engine of retail.

Trends to follow for sustainable packaging

Not long ago companies focused solely on improving their products, brand image, and customer experience. Today, companies have realized the importance of sustainability and have shifted their attention to the packaging as well.  Sustainable packaging has gained tremendous popularity due to the overwhelming amount of waste generated by disposal, most of which is sent to landfills. 

4 Reasons Proper Product Packaging Matters For Your Business

You've been told many times before, every aspect of your product's packaging counts. You strive to provide your customers with the best product possible - is your packaging conveying the same message?

Design, specifications, and your packaging material all influence the perception of your brand. Proper packaging can not only save your product, it can also save your business reputation.

How To Best Protect Your Product During Shipping

Improper packaging leaves your product vulnerable to damage. Damaged product means lower customer satisfaction and decreased profits! Whether damage occurs during handling, shipping, or while in your warehouse, here are three tips to protect your product throughout the entire process.

Why Corrugated is the Smart Choice in Food Packaging

Recent research conducted by European sustainability solutions organization, Denkstatt, found packaging to be the most vital component for reducing food waste. They claim that quality packaging “prevents food spoilage, ensures food quality, increases shelf life, and informs customers on how to store packaged food.” 

Sustainable Packaging for Your Business and the World

Nowadays, sustainability is at the forefront of packaging industry news. There are countless articles and blog posts about how to “go green” in your business and what trends to follow to stay current. However, as we move forward it is becoming less of a suggestion and more of a necessity to improve sustainability efforts.

Unleash shelf appeal with premium packaging

During a typical visit to the grocery store, a consumer is exposed to hundreds of different products and advertisements. According to research, consumers spend an average of 27 seconds making a decision in an aisle, making shelf appeal of your product incredibly important. So what will make your product stand out? How will you grab the customer’s attention? In what ways can you further your brand and influence consumer perception? Utilize innovative premium packaging techniques!

Incorporating Design Into E-commerce Packaging

The goal of packaging is to convey to consumers the utility and benefits of your product before they even hold the actual item in their hands. The design and material work together to persuade a customer to purchase, just as much it does to protect the product during shipping. Advertisers use this to their advantage by creating dynamic campaigns and bold graphics to attract and sell. This gives way to several trends that are evident in packaging today, such as incorporating environmental...

Jamestown Helps Students Think Outside the Box

At Gesu Catholic School, the integration of technology into their curriculum is considered to be an important tool for the growth of their students’ education. In their STREAM program, they aim to engage their students through the studies of science, technology, religion, art, and mathematics. This program allows the opportunity for kids to develop critical analytical skills, as well as prepare for careers in today’s society.





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