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5 Custom Packaging Design Tips

Posted April 11, 2017 by Jamestown Container

Creating an effective box design for your product means you have to put yourself in the position of the consumer as you develop an appealing design. That’s easier said than done of course!

From independent retailers to national big box chains, Jamestown understands the quirks and constraints of the most demanding retail environments. We know how to balance your need to maximize selling power and cost-effectiveness with the stores' goal to maximize manpower and space. That's why we want to offer you a helping hand by sharing a few tips to support your custom packaging design.

Custom Boxes & Custom POP Displays

 Custom Packaging Design Tips to Make Your Product Standout


1.  Take your time

Creating your custom corrugated box “on the fly” is rarely a good idea and usually results in mediocre or even dull packaging. Instead, take your time defining the look and feel you want your product's packaging to portray.  Doing so may require a sufficient amount of time and resources, however your finished product will be well worth it.


2.  Less is more

The most elegant box designs are those that are quite minimalist. Remember, to stand out on the shelf your product doesn’t need to have the loudest voice; in fact, some of the most successful box designs are low-key and down-to-earth. To get your point across in an aisle full of screaming, in-your-face packages the most effective way is often just to be silent. Keeping pictures and graphics to a minimum can be beneficial.


3.    Balance your box design

A correct mix of colors, text, and pictures is paramount when creating your custom box. Have another set of eyes review your design before taking it to production. Waiting until your product hits the shelf to receive feedback is not a route we suggest! Feedback will help make your design even better, so don’t shy away from it. 


4.    Size does matter

It goes without saying you should always keep in mind the product you are designing a custom box for. Always take into account the size of the items. If your product requires a tight fit, make sure it’s not too tight. A good rule of thumb is to leave 1/16” in all dimensions.


5.    Don’t forget about paper thickness

Apart from the size of your custom carton you should also take into account the thickness of your box design. Work with your packaging supplier's design and engineering team to determine the proper material and structural elements are utilized for your packaging. Do so to ensure your custom cartons are able to withstand being stacked, shipped, and handled, all without compromising the appeal of the carton to your customers.

 Custom Packaging Design

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