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Consumers Prefer Cardboard Packaging

Posted January 23, 2016 by Bill Madl

BrCustom Shipping Boxes and Creative Packagingitish shoppers* prefer to see their purchases packed in cardboard because it offers better protection than polystyrene for goods in transit, as well as being the easiest material to recycle, according to latest research commissioned by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI).

This boost for the Corrugated Packaging Industry is from a nationwide survey conducted online by YouGov** which found that out of 2,030 respondents who have goods delivered to them, 40% thought that cardboard offered the best solution for their purchases to reach them in pristine condition, while 37% opted for polystyrene and 7% chose plastic.

Significant support for cardboard packaging from shoppers surveyed came from all cross-sections of society, according to the findings from YouGov. London and Scotland scored the highest approval rating regionally with 45% and 46% respectively favoring cardboard's protective qualities against other packaging materials.

Consumers were also asked which, if any, packaging material is easiest to recycle after receiving the product. Cardboard and paper came out on top with the backing of a huge 85% of respondents (55% and 30% respectively) against just 7% for plastic and 1% for polystyrene.

This YouGov poll of shoppers who have goods delivered to them backs up earlier research which indicated paper-based packaging materials have a positive influence on consumers' purchasing decisions in-store as well.

The bottom line is that shoppers and retailers are recognizing that corrugated's flexibility and qualities in terms of sustainability, hygiene, logistics and protection, give it a significant edge over alternative forms of packaging.

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