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Ecommerce packing tips that will please customers (utilizing custom packaging and custom boxes)

Posted January 05, 2017 by Bill Madl

How Internet merchants pack an order will impact their customers’ buying experience. Taking the time and investing the money to properly pack an order before handing it over to a carrier like FedEx, UPS, or the United States Postal Service can save your business money (in the form of returns and refunds) and encourage loyal customers.

Think about Your Products

As a general rule, your package — the bag or box you’re sending to your customer — should be able to survive a four-foot drop. Imagine holding your box about four feet above a hard concrete floor and letting it go. Boom.

If you’ve ever seen the maze of conveyor belts and the army of human package handlers at just about any carrier’s sorting facility, you can understand how the occasional box will take a tumble.

The products that you sell and ship will determine how carefully you’ll need to pack to pass this four-foot drop test.

122716-fedex-single-pack-loose filled peanuts.jpg1227116-fedex-single-package-wrap with bubble.jpg

For example, if your online store sells t-shirts, you can quite safely pack orders in durable plastic bags without any filler or padding. But if you sell glass figurines, you’ll need significantly more cushioning.

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At Jamestown Container Companies, we agree that taking the time to properly custom design your product packaging, identifying the right materials and working with a knowledgeable company will: 1) preserve the integrity of your products 2) help delivery performance 3) protect your business reputation and 4) save cost!

If your company values the same and would like to collaborate with a packaging company that can help solve your packaging challenges, please click on the link below or call us at 855-234-4054 and see how Jamestown Container can help! 

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