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Manufacturing's Value-Added to the U.S. Economy

Hard and Fast Rules in Running a Business

Success in business doesn't have to be fleeting. There are a few basic rules successful managers/owners follow. Please click here to learn more.

How to have great meetings and eliminate wasted time

Great Meeting Checklist

Corrugated Packaging: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Corrugated packaging is a unique material in that is 100% recyclable and can be made from 100% recyclable materials, helping the environment and your company be "sustainable" and "green" and "eco-friendly" too! Please click the attached article to learn more about recycling and how Jamestown Container can help you, or click on the attached link to be contacted by us. Thank you!

Ecommerce packing tips that will please customers (utilizing custom packaging and custom boxes)

Save the product and your reputation with proper product packaging

BY JAKE RHEUDE Director of business development, Red Stag Fulfillment

Every measure that ensures an item is properly packed helps ensure smooth delivery and customer satisfaction.

Recently, a Dutch bike company has gone viral for shipping their bikes in boxes with images of flat-screen TVs printed on them, to reduce damage during delivery. The idea was that couriers would handle the boxes more carefully if they thought they contained TVs. Is the product packaging really that important? What...

How premium packaging can unleash shelf appeal


Consumers do judge products by their containers, so it's important to add value and interest

Advancements in Paper-making Technology Utilizing OCC and Recycled Fibers for Custom Boxes By MMH Staff · August 24, 2016



As reported in the August 2016 article by the  Modern Materials Handling Staff, the Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) has announced that advancements in paper-making technology and the availability of high-quality fiber have made it possible to reuse more old corrugated containers (OCC) in the manufacturing process while at the same time maintaining the strength characteristics of new boxes. 

The OCC recovery rate reached record-high...

Custom Designed Boxes and Packaging for Holiday Shipping

It's that time of year and with all the FedEx and UPS shipments to your customers, it's critical to utilize your corrugated packaging supplier to help design your custom packaging requirements and ensure your products get to their destination without damage, on time, and with the least amount of cost.

Focus on  Custom Packaging Boxes for Shipping

'Tis the season for packages.

No one knows that better than the experts at FedEx Corp.'s national packaging lab, which is all about thinking inside the box.

At the lab in suburban Collierville outside Memphis, technicians use machines to drop, squeeze, smash and vibrate packages containing items like flat screen TVs, Memphis barbecue, cakes and guitars.

Before a product is shipped from factory to warehouse or store, the lab works with manufacturers to vet and sometimes help redesign the...