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Unleash shelf appeal with premium packaging

Posted May 25, 2017 by Jamestown Container

During a typical visit to the grocery store, a consumer is exposed to hundreds of different products and advertisements. According to research, consumers spend an average of 27 seconds making a decision in an aisle, making shelf appeal of your product incredibly important. So what will make your product stand out? How will you grab the customer’s attention? In what ways can you further your brand and influence consumer perception? Utilize innovative premium packaging techniques!

Consumers are drawn to attractive packaging but also want packages that adapt to their needs. With the pace of living becoming more hectic, consumers are favoring products and services that simplify their schedules and provide convenience. Certain design characteristics can impact consumer perspective. If your customers typically enjoy your product on the go, consider creating packaging that is shaped for easy grip or fits easily in a cup holder. If your product is enjoyed periodically, consumers would find value in a re-sealable container. These simple design improvements increase the utility of your product and allow them to stand out against competitors.

Convenient Packaging

Jif TO GO Cups & Dippers
Photo Credit: Baking Business


Incorporating unique shapes, functionality, and graphics into the packaging will make your product more distinctive. Utilizing higher-quality paper and finishes create feelings of elegance and sophistication. These attributes work together to make your product appear premium in the eyes of the consumer. Between design and functionality, premium packaging has the ability to influence whether consumers see a product as more valuable and worthy of a higher price.

Premium Packaging

Limited Edition 2016 NBA Championship All For One - Triple IPA Beer
Photo Credit: The Brew Kettle
Packaging Designed & Produced By: Jamestown Container Companies 


Using these design techniques in your product packaging will increase the value of your product. Many manufacturers use premium packaging as a key component in product positioning as it often helps deliver value for consumers. Successful advertisements highlight the products' function, expertise, and aesthetic as a premium experience for consumers.

Understanding the needs of your customers will provide insight on the improvements that can be made to your product packaging, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Enhancing and customizing package design will impact customer perception while grabbing their attention.  If executed and positioned properly, premium packaging should enable manufacturers to command a higher price point and deliver incremental sales for their brand.


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