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4 Reasons Proper Product Packaging Matters For Your Business

Posted June 20, 2017 by Jamestown Container

You've been told many times before, every aspect of your product's packaging counts. You strive to provide your customers with the best product possible - is your packaging conveying the same message?

Design, specifications, and your packaging material all influence the perception of your brand. Proper packaging can not only save your product, it can also save your business reputation.

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Proper packaging provides product protection:

No consumer wants to receive a product that has been scratched, dented, or is broken. Low-quality materials, lack of cushioning, and incorrect box sizes are common reasons products become damaged during the shipping process. From the most basic function, the container should be protecting your product. Working with your packaging supplier to ensure you are using the proper packaging will preserve the integrity of your product and your brand!


Proper packaging can increase profits:

If a product arrives with dents or showing any signs of wear and tear, many consumers will consider it damaged and request a refund or exchange. Returns and repairs are costly and cut into your profits. The customer may also feel dissatisfied with the quality of your product and choose to take their business elsewhere, costing you a valuable client. Improving your packaging techniques will not only decrease the frequency of these incidences, but will also increase customer satisfaction with your brand.


Proper packaging can improve delivery time:

A lot of valuable time is wasted processing boxes or envelopes that are opened during the shipping process. Packages that were opened must be checked for missing parts and be corrected before continuing to the end user. This slows down the delivery process and is likely to result in a late delivery to your customer. By using the proper packaging, your product will be delivered damage-free on the expected delivery date, resulting in a satisfied and repeat customer!


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Proper packaging strengthens your reputation:

Increase positive opinions of your company through packaging that is resistant to damage and gets your product into the hands of your customer on time, every time. Product packaging has a strong affect on consumers so be sure to utilize the marketing benefits packaging offers as well. First impressions count! Your customer sees the package before they open the box to view your product. Use packaging to create a lasting impression that will resonate with your customer and distinguish your brand! 


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