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Why use corrugated packaging?

Posted May 05, 2017 by Jamestown Container

Approximately half of the goods manufactured in the world are stored in corrugated packaging. This is not only due to manufacturers knowing the immense benefits associated with this form of packaging, but also due to consumer preferences.

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Why use corrugated to package your products?

Corrugated is Renewable

One popular reason for the use of corrugated material for packaging over many others is that it is inherently environmentally friendly. Corrugated is manufactured using a renewable resource, is recyclable, and can be manufactured using recycled content. Most corrugated boxes can also be reused to pack new items which reduces the cost of energy and other materials required to make a new packing box. 

Corrugated is Lightweight

People love materials that are light! Customers will favor products that are lighter in weight whenever they are on a shopping spree. Thus, companies who pack their products in lightweight materials report larger sales volumes than those who don’t. Corrugated packaging is lightweight and convenient when shopping, packing, loading or unloading. Work with your custom packaging supplier to determine which material will protect your product without compromising the strength or the appeal of the package.

Corrugated Provides Better Protection

Manufacturers always want their products to reach the market safely and prefer materials that can provide protection for an extended period of time. Corrugated boxes are stronger and less prone to the environmental effects seen in other materials. 

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Corrugated Packaging is Easily Customized

Corrugated can be customized making it an attractive packaging option for many different products. Custom corrugated manufacturers can provide packaging in different shapes, sizes, and designs, accommodating a vast range of items. Work with your corrugated packaging supplier to design a custom package that will make your product stand out.

Corrugated Allows for Better Printing

Many companies prefer to print their names and a brief description of the products they sell on the packing material. Corrugated packing materials have better printing and graphic capabilities, allowing brands to use them to market and create awareness among their consumers. Most companies take advantage of these capabilities to print their logos and contact information on the boxes. Corrugated boxes can be easily printed or labeled to give customers information about the products inside.

Corrugated Is Readily Available

You don’t have to spend hours on the internet or calling companies to quote specialized packing materials. Corrugated is readily available in local companies or online packaging stores within the neighborhood. Companies residing in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio can call Jamestown Container at 855-234-4054 for optimal solutions to their packing needs, or click here to visit our e-commerce site. 






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